Spot the regions unique and diverse wildlife whilst exploring
the regions dramatic coast and hinterlands

Bird Life

Wetland, Heath, Tall Forest and Pelagic opportunities are presented with stunning backdrops and within a short drive or walk from local towns.

For international visitors the scale, color and volume of species is often overwhelming.

Guides and FREE binoculars are available for visitor use at the 12 Apostles Visitor Information Centre in Port Campbell.

Reptiles & Amphibians

Of all reptiles found in the region it's the snakes that generate most interest and fear. In southern Victoria they're often shorter, fatter and darker than the same species further north. Fatter darker snakes warm more quickly in the cooler southern climate!

Local wetlands and low lying areas is where frogs are more often heard than seen. Listen for the loud ‘tok’ of the Striped Marsh Frog and the ‘ick-ick-ick’ of the Spotted Marsh Frog or look out for the rare Corangamite Water Skink and Striped Legless Lizard in the native grassland to the north of the coast.

Marsupials, Monotremes & Macropods

They hop, lay eggs, develop pouches, are carnivores and use electroreception....see what more you can find out and if you can tell the difference between them!