A proud rural community just 26km north of the 12 Apostles

How to get to Simpson

Simpson, 12 Apostles Coast and Hinterland, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

True Blue

In the midst of a gourmet revolution Simpson remains true to its dairy farming roots. The small rural township was recently honored as the Legendairy capital of South West Victoria; a nod to good farming practices, quality dairy produce and strength of community. 

Why not pop in say g'day and stay a while? Consider spectating at a local football or cricket game as part of your next visit? With three leagues active in the region and home grounds at Simpson, Timboon, Cobden, Camperdown and Nirranda you might just catch a game on a Saturday, have the best meat pie you'll ever taste and rub shoulders with local farmers at play. 

Around the region

Apostle Whey Cheese

Apostle Whey Cheese, just a short drive from the 12 Apostles offers an acclaimed range of soft and hard cheeses and dairy products. Aptly named Loch Ard Gorgeous, Boltes Bonanza and Apostle Crumble, to name a few, all give a nod to their surroundings. The cheese tasting experience here is amazing and you can view the cheese being hand-made on site.

Heytesbury Settlement Historical Park

The Heytesbury Settlement Historic Park is located on the banks of Simpson Lake and commemorates the development of the Heytesbury Settlement Scheme. This was a major land clearing exercise focused on creating soldier settlement farms in the 1950's.