If it’s your sense of adventure that’s fuelling your trip to the Volcanic Lakes and Plains, then rest assured your thirst for scenic outdoor activities will be well and truly quenched. At the top of the list should be Mount Elephant, which is open to the public from 1-4pm every Sunday (or by appointment), promising spectacular views from the summit.

Below the mountain is Lake Tooliorook — a picturesque sand-bottomed loch located 5km from Lismore, boasting breathtaking views and an opportunity to pick up a rod and set sail along its picturesque water. And if those spectacles weren’t enough, you can climb Mount Noorat — one of Australia’s best-preserved dry craters — and take in the volcanic plain’s surrounding peaks from the Alan Marshall Discovery Trail.



The Volcanic Lakes and Plains has a few lovely rail trails for you to cycle or walk on. 

The shortest is the Terang to Noorat Rail Trail, only around 5kms long so great for walking or a family ride.

The Camperdown to Timboon Rail Trail is a bigger commitment but can be undertaken in two parts, with the township of Cobden around halfway.  If you don't have a car - this is a great way to explore the region - you can get the train from Southern Cross station to Camperdown and bike form there where the trail begins.

More challenging is the longer Ballarat to Skipton Rail Trail.



There are some beautiful walks in the region, including those to some spectacular lookouts.  Some are easy and some will definitely work up a sweat!  Try climbing to the peak of Mount Elephant or Mount Noorat.  You can also walk the rim of these 'craters' (you can still see the shape of the crater inside these mounts).  The leave canal walk or Lake surprise walk at Budj Bim National Park or walks at Tower Hill Reserve are also fantastic leg-stretchers.  

Whether you are making a day of it or just taking a break from on your journey through the region, walks range from gentle and accessible to big days out!



Without giving away too many local fisher's secrets, we can tell you that the fish often bite at Bullen Merri, Lake Purrumbete, Deep Lake, and Lake Tooliorook.  For those into boating or water sports (form skiing to scanning), try Lake Bullen Merri or Deep Lake.

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