If you’re a seasoned traveler of our beautiful state, you’d know that Victoria’s meandering roads lead to some of the world’s most charming coastal settings. But even the most seasoned sightseers can remain oblivious to the natural beauty of one of Victoria’s best-kept tourist secrets — the Volcanic Lakes and plains.

Whether you're looking to pull up a piece of grass for a picnic with some bakery treats or dine in at a charming country pub or cafe, the Volcanic Lakes and Plains boasts many ways to enjoy delicious local produce and of course, friendly local hospitality!

If you've got an eye for antiques, we've got you covered too - we've highlighted a selection of antique and collectible stores and dining options on the interactive map below.

Nestled in the world’s third-largest volcanic plain, surrounded by dormant volcano cones, craters, and waterways is the historical town of Camperdown.

Not only does its volcanic history warrant its must-visit status, but so does its array of charming dining options. Fortunately for culture buffs, Camperdown is just one pit stop amongst a throng of locales erupting with intriguing and delicious offerings (and mouth-watering boutique bakeries).

When you begin exploring you'll be pleased to find that almost every town has a wonderful pub featuring local characters and there are plenty of lovely cafes and bakeries to find a hearty lunch or a sweet treat. Breweries and wineries can also be found, just look a little further to be rewarded...

Koroit — a township enveloped in rolling green pastures, offering treasures galore in its local antique stores, eateries, botanical gardens, and pubs with a distinct Irish influence.

After your cultural immersion, why not cap it off with a hearty feed at Beeac’s Farmers Arms Hotel on your way back to the city?  A country pub come gastropub with a bistro menu that delightfully features produce from the local area.

Explore the interactive map below to plan your escapade!

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