03 December 2020

Blue water dreaming


I am passionate about our oceans and spend a lot of my time in, on or under the sea

 By means of community education, I do my best to raise awareness of this wonderful asset we have as our backyard and what is, an important resource to our community.

I hope by increasing knowledge and understanding of our unique marine environment, it can help all to enjoy its wonders, increase a feeling of ownership and a willingness to help in its protection.

We can all do our bit – it can as simple as picking up plastic from the beach and making sure we take all rubbish home. Plastics pollution of the oceans is a huge global issue.

Another couple of simple ways to help keep our oceans sustainable - carry a sustainable sea food guide with you when eating out or shopping for seafood (they are available as an app. on your phone) and question what you are actually buying!

Down here in beautiful Port Campbell our jetty is iconic. It can almost be called the ‘trademark’ of our town. It is also a great place to do a spot of fishing. If we all do the right thing, taking special care to discard of fishing line properly, adhering to fishing regulations and ‘caring for our catch’ we can all look forward to a sustainable fishing future.

When next out in our National Park, at the 12 Apostles, I hope that you might get the same feeling of pride and happiness that I do , looking out to sea, knowing that what lies below, is now also protected as Marine National Park.

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Diver, ocean swimmer, earth mother, surf mother, Shearwater saviour, nurse and marine educator. Often observed enjoying coffee at beachside cafe's with wet haired sandy footed friends.

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