11 May 2018



Living in South West Victoria, on the Great Ocean Road, means that we are spoilt by beautiful nature and can experience it under the clearest of skies and brightest sun, what most people would define as it being “at its best”, not me (as I nudge my way to try to become a local). Today the forecast is very different, large swell, strong winds and if I’m not mistaken a severe weather warning has been issued. This means only one thing in my household…get your hiking boots on, we’re going out! 

Having already faced the elements earlier in the morning, I was prepared that this walk would be headphone, music and podcast free as the only sound coming from my headphones earlier today was that of the constant rubbing between them and my coat hood, meaning the words of my motivational podcast fell on – let’s say – deaf ears!

The wind is hauling, blowing a gale and on go the funky socks, hiking boots, raincoat, I make sure I have my phone, keys, poo bags, leash, Rocco (dog) and off we go. With no dogs allowed in the park and my fur baby’s Daddy away with our only car, we take to the streets of Port Campbell, all 7 of them! No, this is neither a whine nor a moan as wandering the streets of Port Campbell is delightful, as you will find.

We head to the higher end of town and to have a look at the wild seas and we almost get swept off our feet/paws as we meander towards the Port Campbell Jetty, no fishermen today. Rocco didn’t seem too impressed by the sea foam and spray that was coming in from every direction, I think he prefers his usual pad. He does his dog shake to dry off.

The streets are empty, a few visitors take in the views of Port Campbell Bay from the warmth of their hire vehicle, Rocco stops to investigate the sea foam that has been blown across to the footpath, we continue on through Lord Street where the restaurants and pubs are buzzing, I can hear laughter; locals and visitors sharing their stories (and secrets) whilst the scent of warming meals and wood fire smoke emanate and fill the air. Suddenly I feel a warmth inside, energised and not so guilty for having skipped my daily run.

We make it home to a glowing fire, Rocco finds his spot and while my chunky veg soup is heating on the stove and my sourdough toasting under the grill, I scroll though the chick flick section to indulge in some classy viewing in the absence of my husband.

So here I am: movie: on; soup: hot; crusty bread: buttered; feet: up and I think…roll on winter!

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