22 May 2018



Are you with me?

There is a feeling of escape and discovery that only a holiday run can deliver on. Exploring a new destination on foot is one of my favorite things to do. There is something about new places that makes us lace up our runners that little bit tighter. Unfamiliar terrain and new sensory input triggers a primal physiological response that heightens the senses and dials the fun meter up to 10.

Only a runner knows the feeling of escape and discovery that builds when you run into the unknown. That moment when the trail opens up, the mind begins to clear, stability muscles kick in and you begin to glide away from the everyday. With a new view around every corner your focus settles on adjusting pace and balance to meet the immediate challenges of gradient, grip, camber and obstacles.

Sound familiar? Then we have some seriously spectacular trail runs to share to help you spice up your holiday run-life. We even made some short videos to get you going! Check out Relive videos of our favourite trail runs.

Devils Kitchen Great Ocean Walk trail running3

Not with me? 

Sound unfamiliar or more interested in rest, re hydration and recovery? No problems! You just have to check out the 12 Apostles Food Artisans Trail. Whisky, cheese, olives, micro-breweries, ice-cream, gourmet deli’s and provedores, chocolate, fudge, strawberries and an on point slow food, local provenance, low food miles culture. Yeah we’ve got that covered too!

Staying Friday night?

You can check out Timboon Parkrun  Australia’s friendliest Parkrun. Did I mention that the Park Run is based within 200m of a whisky distillery, an ice creamery and all the temptations of Timboon or check out the wares of the coastal hamlets of Port Campbell, Princetown or Peterborough


Run with a friend or loved one: with trails this good you are really going to want to share.

Run with a phone - your going to want to get some photos and may want to ring someone if you just have to keep running.

Run with a camel pack and some snacks. seriously the sense of discovery may keep you away longer than you thought.

Pack a small first aid kit including compression bandage, wound dressings, wound closure strips, a triangular bandage just in case your stylish parkour over a fallen tree goes south. Put it all in a zip lock back and pop it in your camel pack.

If you are getting up early leave a note for the rest of the family so they know where you are and can meet you for coffee.

We have outlined some loop trails but you may want to organise a car shuffle or be dropped out on the Great Ocean Walk for longer runs so you can run back one way in a westerly direction. Need some transport check out Ride with Us who can drop you anywhere you want along the Great Ocean Walk

Great Ocean Walk trail run morning2

How about it?

Believe me we haven’t given up all the candy. Get in contact with us if you would like to plan a running holiday along Victoria's spectacular Great Ocean Road. 

We hope to see you out on the trails, until then run like an animal it’s what we’re made for!

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