Surfing and surf culture are part of the very fabric of our coastal communities. Beach and reef breaks between Princetown and Peterborough offer waves that seriously challenge the most experienced surfer. Our general advice is to leave your boards strapped to the roof of your car and keep your wetsuits dry. View more.

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There is a general excitement around town when deep Antarctic lows send large waves out of the Southern Ocean towards this coast. You just might see internationally recognized surfers in the line-up with brave locals when the swell climbs above 5m. Don’t be too surprised if the person serving your coffee or checking you into your accommodation has one eye on the ocean when the waves are on. It's OK! Multi-tasking under pressure is part of the surfers life.

Unlike fishing tales where a 10 - 15% exaggeration on the size of catch is routinely tolerated it is a surfers habit to downplay the size and danger of the days activities. You will have to listen closely to fireside tales at local bars to truly understand the deep connection to the ocean and the region that surfers share. 

Access to some of the premier big wave spots has been made safer in recent years with use of jet skis and tow-ins. The recent near drowning of professional big wave surfer Russell Bierke is a timely reminder that sometimes the ocean will have its way regardless of skill, preparation, fitness and the right equipment. 

This coast is not a place to test your luck or learn to surf. We advise more sheltered opportunities at Apollo Bay or Warrnambool.

Port Campbell Jetty is a great spot to watch local surfers that in most conditions leap into the ocean before commencing their paddle around the point. 

The Port Campbell Trading Company is a quirky coastal shop with an eclectic mix of surf hardware, clothing and gift ideas. Rumour has it they offer trade ins on recently soiled wetsuits and are very good at fixing broken surfboards. 


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