Did you know that the Potoroo is the size of a Rabbit and it hops like a Kangaroo? View more.

About the listing


They live in areas of dense understory, eucalypt forest and dense coastal heaths where they can forage for fungi, roots, fruit, flowers, seeds and insects that they feast on. Their main requirement is thick groundcover, which provides protection and nesting material.


  • They are marsupials, Macropods.
  • In the wild, Long-nosed Potoroo's are mainly solitary. 
  • Potoroo's are classified as vulnerable due to decreasing numbers caused by habitat loss and predators.
  • Their main predators are Foxes and Cats.
  • The females carry nesting material in their tail which is semi-prehensile.
  • The have a life expectancy of up to 6 years in the wild and weigh less  than 2kg.
  • To report injured wildlife call  03 8400 7300.