The wreck is located in a low relief substrate and is very exposed with dangerous and unpredictable swells breaking. It lies in depths ranging from 5 to 7 metres. Near perfect diving and boating conditions are required to view the wreck. View more.

About the listing

Wreck occurred: 1892.
Where: Newfield Bay about 1km east of Peterborough

The Newfield, commanded by Captain Scott of Banff, departed Liverpool on June 1st 1892 bound for Brisbane.

On the night of 28th August, the  Captain mistook the Cape Otway light for that of Cape Wickham (King Island) and altered tack to the north and east putting the vessel on collision course with the Victorian coast.

On the 29th August the Newfield ran aground on a series of offshore reefs at Peterborough. There were 26 people on board and nine lives lost.


Contact details

Newfield, Shipwreck Coast, Port Campbell,12 Apostles Coast and Hinterland Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia