Koalas are not bears, in fact they’re not even related. The reason it gets called a bear is because it looks like a cuddly Teddy Bear. View more.

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The largest populations of Koalas are to be found in the Cape Otway National Park and Kennett River however, there are pockets around Port Campbell where they like to hang out too. Hold your eyes to the skies when along the Timboon Rail Trail and Power Creek Reserve and although unusual many visitors have been surprised by the odd koala roaming the streets of Timboon and even Port Campbell. 

Please drive extra carefully along Cape Otway Road and do not stop on the roadside to view koalas. There are two gravel roads on the way to the lighthouse that allow cars to turn off the main road to park safely and walk to view koalas.


  • They are among the largest arboreal marsupials and Koalas from Victoria are twice as heavy as those from Queensland! 
  • The pelage of the koala is thicker and longer on the back, and shorter on the belly. 
  • The ears have thick fur on both the inside and outside. 
  • Most of their diet consists of eucalypt leaves, they eat so many that they smell like the tree!
  • The koala's closest living relative is the wombat, each animals pouch opens to the rear.
  • The name Koala is thought to mean 'no drink' in an Aboriginal language. In fact, Koalas get most of the moisture they need from eucalyptus leaves and therefore don’t need to drink very often.
  • To report injured wildlife call 03 8400 7300.



Koala, 12 Apostles Coast and Hinterland, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia