Falls of Halladale

The Falls of Halladale lies just off Halladale Point, in the Bay of Islands Coastal Park, about 300 metres offshore in 3 to 15 metres of water. View more.

About the listing

Wreck occurred: 1908
Where: Halladale point west of Peterborough

The Falls of Halladale was a magnificent four masted iron barque built in Scotland 1886. In the ships 23 years of operation, she sailed the world trade routes through the "roaring forties" and "howling fifties" and was capable of making 300 nautical miles in 24 hours.

In the early hours of Saturday 13th November in fine weather and calm sea the Falls of Halladale became wedged between 2 reefs for two weeks drawing large crowds of onlookers.


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Falls of Hallidale, Shipwreck Coast, Port Campbell,12 Apostles Coast and Hinterland Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia