After all those trails, lookouts and attractions, you are going to need some refreshment. Below is some accessibility information regarding a number of the local restaurants, cafes, bars and attractions.

Access to Restaurants, Cafés & Bars

12 Rocks Cafe & Beach Bar

Good access at main entrance and into outdoor dining areas but heavy outward swinging doors means people in wheelchairs may need assistance. Fully accesible toilet.

Apostle Whey Cheese
Gravel car park. The entrance is flat and the doorway is accessible. The toilets are fully accessible for mobility-impaired people.

Berry World
The entrance to Berry world is accessible to mobility-impaired people. Off street parking is available. All access toilet available.

GORGE Chocolates
From the gravel car park it is a slight decline to the entrance and tasting room. Room available for drop off and pick up at entrance.

Timboon Cheesery
Gravel car park. The entrance is flat and the doorway is accessible via a ramp. There are accessible toilets.

Timboon Railway Shed Distillery
Large gravel car parking. Wheelchair access to all areas of distillery. Dessert, cake and ice cream display cabinets suitable for people in wheelchairs and children. Accessible toilet.

Waves Restaurant and Suites
Level access from street level to outdoor dining area. Accessible toilets. While the main entrance has two swinging doors which may prove difficult to negotiate alternate access is available via bank of sliding doors offering easier access to the building for prams and wheelchairs.

Fully accessible from side entrance ramp with swinging door at front entrance. All areas of the cafe Museum and adjacent Vintage Engine collection are fully accessible. Accessible toilets